Kochi: On Thursday (October 11), the state High Court refused a petition filed by Akhila Bharat Hindu Mahasabha (ABHM) seeking directive for issuing an order for Muslim women to enter mosques for offering prayers.

A division bench of Chief Justice AKJ Nambiar and Rishikesh Roy observed that the petitioner failed to prove that there’s denial of women’s entry to Kerala mosques.

The petitioner submitted in the context of a recent Supreme Court order allowing entry of women of all age groups into the Sabarimala temple, the need of the present situation is the entry of Muslim women devotees in mosques for prayers along with men.

The petitioner submitted that women were discriminated against and are not allowed to enter the mosque and pray in the main prayer hall.

The petition was filed by the state president of Akhila Bharatha Hindu Maha Sabha, Swamy Dethathreya Sai Swaroop Nath.

“Women of the Muslim community were being disgraced and discriminated against, which was against Article 21 and 14 of the Constitution,” his plea said.

This was referred to in the context that Muslim women were allowed to enter Mecca, his petition said.

He also said the imposition of a dress code like purdah for Muslim women would be enabling anti-social elements to misuse them and commit crimes.