Nilakkal: Union minister KJ Alphons Kannanthanam on Monday, after the visit to Sabarimala pilgrimage, alleged that the Kerala government is responsible for the clashes at Sabarimala temple.

"The government has made Sabarimala a land of disputes. They failed to make basic arrangements for the devotees. Ayyappa devotees are not terrorists. The government should investigate about the police's behaviour. Now, we feel that Kerala is under police rule. Devotees are being arrested for chanting 'saranam'. This cannot be allowed in a democracy," said Kannanthanam to media.

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"Basic facilities were not even arranged in Sabarimala, and toilet facilities were disgusting and that human waste is now flowing in Pamba river making it more filthy," said Rupesh Chirakkal, an Ayyappa devotee.

The Kerala Human Rights Commission (KHRC) on Sunday directed the Travancore Devaswom Board, DGP and local self government department to ensure that necessary facilities were provided to pilgrims at the temple complex.

"The number of devotees reaching Sabarimala has decreased and many people have become unemployed. The case is before the court, and the court should make a decision. Rs 100 crore given by the central government for the development of Sabarimala is not spent yet. I am visiting Sabarimala to check whether the government has provided basic requirements at Sabarimala," he added.

"Where did Pinarayi Vijayan spend the Rs 100 crore is a big question. There is another question too. Where is the Chief Minister's Distress Relief Fund (CMDRF) money?" asked KK Balan, a Congress worker.

“A situation worse than the emergency is witnessed in Sabarimala. The devotees are not allowed to go up. Section 144 is imposed for no reason. Devotees are not terrorists, why do they need 15000 policemen here?” questioned KJ Alphons.