Kochi: Hanan was injured in an accident on September 3. As per latest reports, she is recovering fast. 

On Wednesday, in a Facebook post, Abeel Robin, a make-up artist in Kerala described Hanan’s current condition as saddening yet inspiring at the same time.

Hanani lives in a single flat. Most of the time, she is on a wheelchair. Abeel and his companions went for Hanan's photoshoot. Hanan needed a portfolio and she was Abeel’s Facebook friend for long. Abeel also said on his Facebook post that Hanan cooks her food and washes her clothes on her own. And watching all this was heartwrenching.   

Hanan sells fish to support her family. She was subjected to trolls as many claimed her story was fake. 

However, she won the heart of Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan. He called her “Kerala’s daughter” after she met him in his office. Recently, Hanan donated Rs 1.5 lakh to Kerala Chief Minister’s Relief Fund for flood-hit victims. Hanan said this was the amount she had received through donations from people after her story went viral.

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