At last Padma will be reunited with her family in Mysuru, Karnataka. She had gone missing in Shimla and was admitted to the Himachal Hospital of Mental Health and Rehabilitation.

She did not know any language other than Kannada and was stuck in Shimla for two years. Media coverage of her helped to trace the woman back to Mysuru. It is said that Padma is mentally not stable.

She was forced to stay in Shimla as she couldn't communicate in any other language apart from her mother tongue. The doctors also have said that she is completely cured and doesn't suffer from any mental issues.

Karnataka Chief Minister HD Kumaraswamy directed the Mysuru Deputy Commissioner to assist in the process of getting Padma back home safely.


Though the exact reason as to how she went missing is not known yet, it is said that she might have lost her way during a religious pilgrimage of the family.

Padma’s family is poor and they could not afford to bring her back after being traced. The Karnataka government stepped in and assured them of all support including bearing the expenses of her travel from Shimla to Mysuru.

Her husband is said to have abandoned her long time ago. She doesn't have any children and will be living with her mother.

The government also promised to take care of Padma for six months and she will be looked after by the centre for destitute women run by the government.