A video of a traffic police officer in an inebriated state in Mangaluru, Karnataka, being helped by people had gone viral yesterday. Taking the footage as proof of dereliction of duty, traffic cop Ashok Gowda has been suspended from service.

Mangaluru Police Commissioner TR Suresh issued a notice suspending Ashok Gowda, after the video became viral.

Ashok Gowda was seen losing his balance while wearing the traffic cop uniform at Lalbagh in Mangaluru. When the public questioned him, he said he was not on duty. When asked why was he wearing uniform, he said that he wore the uniform just moments ago.

The cop is seen repeating that he is not on duty and instead of helping in easing the traffic.

The video was captured by the public and was shared on social media.

The Police Commissioner TR Suresh also said that medical test was done on Ashok Gowda and the notice to suspend him was given after confirmation from the test that he was in an inebriated state while on duty.