Bengaluru: The news of Congress MLA Anand Singh admitted in the Apollo Hospital in Bengaluru is spreading like wildfire along with rumours that there was a fight that took place between Singh and MLA Ganesh Kampli. But speaking to media, Karnataka Congress leader/water resource minister, DK Shivakumar, has said that no fight took place inside the resort.

With the fear of MLAs being allegedly poached, Congress lodged its legislators in the Eagleton Resort on the outskirts of Bengaluru. There are reports that two MLAs - Ganesh Kampli and Anand Singh locked horns last night at the resort. Reports suggest that Singh was injured and was admitted to the hospital. 

Speaking to the media, Congress leader Raghunath said that Anand Singh has been admitted to the hospital. "He does not want to see anyone as of now. There are no Congress leaders in the hospital. Singh is accompanied by his friends in the hospital," he said. 

Meanwhile, some Congress leaders including Raju Gowda were seen rushing towards Apollo Hospital in Bengaluru, this morning. 

But DK Shivakumar denies reports that there was a brawl between MLAs that led to injury. 

"I, along with Anand Singh, Bhima Naik, Ganesh attended the Ballari meeting and returned to the resort. After having lunch, everyone retreated for a nap, when Anand Singh said that he has to attend a wedding. His admission to hospital and news of a fight between MLAs inside the resort is a rumour. He will come in front of the media and then you can question him yourself. There were small differences, but they have arrived at a compromise and are happy. No one was trying to join the BJP," DK Shivakumar said.

Though footage of Anand Singh inside the hospital is not available, as DK Shivakumar claimed, the allegedly injured MLA has not come in front of the media and explained anything yet, thus leaving the chances of him being in the hospital still open.