Bengaluru: ISKCON branch in Bengaluru organised a quiz on the Bhagavad Gita, and a Muslim teen bagged the first prize in this. Shaik Mohiuddin, a Class 9 student of Subhash Memorial English High School, is making news for all the good reasons on social media.

While addressing the media, Mohiuddin said,  "They asked questions on Krishna's life and his teachings. I knew the answers. The Bhagavad Gita guides you in life. Every holy book teaches you how to respect your parents, teachers and ways to lead a peaceful and happy life."

"I don't like people fighting because of religion. Every religion is equal. Before Independence, we were a peaceful country and people of different religion lived in harmony," he added.

Mohiuddin also said that holy books are treasures of knowledge, and one should read them to find the right path. "Be it Bible, Quran or Gita; every book teaches the same thing. We should not discriminate based on caste and religion. All are equal," he said.