Srinagar: A policeman from Jammu and Kashmir has said that he has been wrongly identified as a masked man among protesters and is now fearing for his life.

The pictures of a masked man joining protesters and pelting stones at police officials, surfaced on social media last week. And there was also a photo of the same man, with a gun, arresting one of the protesting youths.

According to reports, the cop is now depressed and has asked for a transfer out of his present posting place.

Last Friday and Saturday, two pictures, one of a masked man pelting stones during a protest at Jamia Masjid and another image showing the same man to be an undercover policeman with a weapon arresting a protester near the old city were published across media.

The details of the policeman, including his phone number, the area where he was posted, and the place where he is staying were put on the social media where many messages and comments began to spam his notification bar.

A message soon appeared on Facebook, from the policeman himself, admitting that he was the man in the pictures, and apologising for his actions.

While talking to a media organisation, the policeman said that he was deployed at the Jamia Masjid on Friday, but he was in police uniform and not in the other dress like the man shown in the picture.

He also said that some miscreants had created a fake Facebook account in his name, and since then several posts have come up from that account.