Bengaluru: First, it was the missing MLAs case, and now it's the controversy around the audio tapes in Karnataka. Looks like the Congress finds itself in soup every now and then. The BJP has now accused the Congress leader Siddaramaiah of being hungry to be relevant in the coalition and thus resorting to manipulation in the audio tape controversy.

BJP spokesperson Ashwath Narayana, in a conversation with MyNation, stated that Siddaramaiah now is hell bent on framing the BJP state chief, BS Yeddyurappa, in the audio tape scandal. He said,  "On these lines, he has instructed HD Kumaraswamy to request for Special Investigation Team (SIT) to probe the case." The BJP MLC went on to say that if the SIT does get appointed, it will be under the watchful eyes of the chief minister, giving him more advantage to manipulate the situation and frame BS Yeddyurappa.

Another BJP spokesperson, S Prakash, stated, "Siddaramaiah is famous for instigating MLAs to do or say something in order to create a turmoil. Then he would come into the picture as if to calm the stormy waters." The BJP stated that this was the tactic based on which former Karnataka chief minister always functioned.

This comes after the BJP had earlier blamed Siddaramaiah for the crisis following the missing MLAs, who were holed up in a resort in Mumbai with an intention to jump ship. This took the state as well as the ruling government by storm. Siddaramaiah's friends such as Bhima Naik and Nagendra were in the list of rebel MLAs and are ardent followers of his. Sources within the Congress had stated that the captain of the ship behind all drama was none other than Siddaramaiah.

Amidst this, the Congress and the JD(S) have maintained that these are baseless allegations.

JD(S) spokesperson Tanveer Ahmed iterated, "Even in the coalition government, the one person to call the shots has always been JD(S) chief HD Deve Gowda." He added that this was because of his age and the experience he has in politics.

VS Ugrappa, who is an MP from the Congress, said, "Siddaramaiah has no reason to stoop this level simply because of his stature." 

The BJP always maintained that the party was unnecessarily blamed of indulging in Operation Lotus, while it was all Siddaramaiah's game plan. The audio clip has been doctored, Yeddyurappa had said. The party has been fighting for a house committee instead of the SIT probe. The Assembly session has been adjourned sine die and the argument over the probe continues to remain solution-less.

BJP's Malavika Avinash stated that the coalition is constantly indulging in petty politics thereby affecting the state more than anyone else. "Their struggle for power has a repercussion on the state. Good governance is the solution to end problems. If they're incapable of it, then they should simply step aside," said Malavika Avinash.