Every second car through every second street across the country has one thing in common — the great Hindu deity, Hanuman, guarding its rear windshield in fiery orange rage. Now, its creator Karan Acharya has summoned upon Lord Ram to lead the way.  

However, Lord Ram doesn't look as aggressive as Hanuman, but the background colour gives it an intense effect.

The Bengaluru-based graphic artist has designed two images of Virat Ram—one shining and clean shaven on a red backdrop, and the other painted against saffron. The picture reflects the Lord’s calm strength as opposed to Virat Hanuman’s aggressive disposition.  

Interestingly, while Hanuman was designed for Ganesha Chathurthi, Karan sketched the epic hero Rama for the much-talked about Ramayana month that is being celebrated by CPM in Kerala. Speaking exclusively to MyNation, Karan said, "I had this paining ready one month ago, but was waiting for the right occasion to release it. Now with Ramayana month being in news, this is my way of wishing everyone."

The 28-year-old takes inspiration from Raja Ravi Varma and is greatly influenced by Mahabharata, Ramayana and the mythological characters in it.

Acharya’s Hanuman became an overnight cult within a few days after the artist, born in the humble Kudlu village at Kasaragod in Kerala, came up with the vector-style graphic for his friends who wanted to use something apart from the flags that have 'Om' on them for Ganesha Chaturthi processions and decorations. He shared his version of the great monkey god with them on WhatsApp, and the rest is history! Will Ram win a greater followership ala the good old epic? We can only wait and watch!