New Delhi: Guru Nanak Jayanti or Guru Nanak Gurpurab celebrates the birth anniversary of the first Sikh guru, Guru Nanak. 

The festivities in the Sikh religion revolve around the anniversaries of the 10 Sikh Gurus. These Gurus were responsible for shaping the beliefs of the Sikhs. Their birthdays, known as Gurpurab, are occasions for celebration and prayer among the Sikhs.

This festival is celebrated with great zeal in the state of Punjab. It mostly falls on Kartik Puranmashi which is the full moon day of the month Kartik according to the Indian calendar.

The purnima tithi begins at 12:53 pm on November 22 and ends at 11:09 am on November 23.

Here are a few motivational quotes by Guru Nanak:

  • Alone let him constantly meditate in solitude on that which is salutary for his soul, for he who meditates in solitude attains supreme bliss.
  • Riches cannot be gathered without sin and evil means.
  • There are worlds and more worlds below them, and there are a hundred thousand skies over them. No one has been able to find the limits and boundaries of God. If there be any account of God, then alone the mortal can write the same; but God's account does not finish, and the mortal himself dies while still writing.
  • Asceticism doesn't lie in ascetic robes or in walking staff nor in the ashes. Asceticism doesn't lie in the earring nor in the shaven head nor blowing a conch. Asceticism lies in remaining pure amidst impurities.
  • Burn worldly love, rub the ashes and make ink of it, make the heart the pen, the intellect the writer, write that which has no end or limit.
  • From its brilliancy, everything is illuminated.
  • Only fools argue whether to eat meat or not. They don't understand truth, nor do they meditate on it. Who can define what is meat and what is plant? Who knows where the sin lies, being a vegetarian or a non-vegetarian?
  • The world is a drama, staged in a dream.
  • I am neither male nor female, nor am I sexless. I am the Peaceful One, whose form is self-effulgent, powerful radiance.
  • That one plant should be sown and another be produced cannot happen; whatever seed is sown, a plant of that kind even comes forth.