A 39-year-old woman was found dead at her home in Omicron-II area of Greater Noida. The incident came to light on Friday and her two children are also missing.

The woman has been identified as Manju Yadav. She stayed with her son Krishna Kant (18) and daughter Priyanka (19) in the rented accommodation away from her husband Pramod Kumar (45) with whom she would have frequent quarrels with regards to his drinking habit.

Times of India reported that Pramod tried to contact the family but couldn’t get through. “I went home to check and found the main door locked from outside. I looked through the window and found blood stains on the floor. I raised an alarm and called out to my children, but there was no response. I then informed police,” he said.

When the police arrived, they saw Manju lying in a pool of blood gushing out from her head. The police also noticed that several CCTV cameras were not working and the Maruti Esteem belonging to the family is also missing. Investigations are on.