Davanagere: The deputy chief minister of Karnataka G Parameshwara has alleged that he was not allowed to become the chief minister for as many as three times simply because he is a Dalit.

Speaking at an event in Davanagere, Parameshwara said that even leaders like Basavalingappa and KH Ranganath were not allowed to be the chief minister on the same lines.

He also went on to say, "Our elder brother Mallikarjun Kharge also could not become the chief minister." Parameshwara added, "Thrice there was a chance for a Dalit to become the chief minister, unfortunately, it did not happen. Now, they have made me deputy chief minister just for the heck of it."

Watch: Karnataka deputy chief minister G Parameshwara triggers Dalit row

When questioned about these allegations, former chief minister of Karnataka, Siddaramaiah, said, "Nothing like that, just go ask him," as quoted by ANI.

Karnataka BJP spokesperson Ashwathnarayana told MyNation, "What Parameshwara has said is absolutely true because the Congress does have an anti-Dalit attitude."

He also went on to say that Parameshwara is a much better candidate for chief minister than Siddaramaiah as he has been in the party for a really long time.

Ashwathnarayana also stated, "Parameshwara has a better understanding of the state and has served the party with dedication. But it is true that he has been denied the post because he is a Dalit."

Parameshwara also alleged that there are some people in the party that want to suppress Dalits politically. Along with that, he said that reservation was implemented but promotion is still discriminatory. He added that his government will implement the rule of reservation in promotion from next week.

At the event, Parameshwara stated that information about seven government officials was received who were driven to suicide because of their demotion.

Parameshwara had also hit headlines last year for saying that Karnataka chief minister HD Kumaraswamy would not be able to complete his term of five years.