Ferozepur: After a Punjab Police alert about seven Pakistani terrorists of Jaish-e-Mohammed trying to enter the national capital from Ferozepur, security around important installations in Delhi, including the Prime Minister’s Office and the defence ministry, have been tightened. 

Considering the seriousness of the threat from these terrorists, who have been sent with the instruction to carry out “sensational attacks” on targets of national importance, the security agencies have posted pictures of these terrorists and the intelligence input at the entrances of important buildings in the capital.

“In order to sensitise the troops on guard while keeping them on high alert, the photos of these terrorists along with the alert have been pasted on the buildings of important ministries including the PMO, ministry of defence and ministry of home affairs,” security officials said here.

The intelligence alert had been received a few days ago after four persons snatched a taxi from its driver at gunpoint near the Madhopur area, sparking fears of a Pathankot airbase-like attack that took place in 2016.

The taxi, a silver-coloured Toyota Innova, was initially hired by the four men from Jammu, according to reports. They had booked it for Pathankot. Near Madhopur, they forced the driver out at gun-point and drove off, the police said.