New Delhi: Congress on Sunday launched a scathing attack on BJP by saying that the party’s aim is to first weaken and then finish institutions.

This remark came after BJP president Amit Shah, while talking about the Sabarimala issue, said that the Supreme Court should desist from pronouncing verdicts which cannot be implemented.

Congress spokesperson Abhishek Manu Singhvi said Shah's remarks "insult intelligence of the institution and the electorate".
"It is the goal of the BJP to first weaken institutions and then finish them...there is a long list, be it CBI, EC, CVC and the same intervention has been made without understanding of law," Singhvi told a press conference.

He said the BJP has been "decimating" and "diluting" institutions to further its interests.

"It is an uninformed, loose, trivial comment which is an insult to the intelligence of the institution and the electorate," he said.

Singhvi also dubbed the remarks of Uttar radesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath that the SC should pronounce a verdict on the Ram temple matter too like Sabarimala as one lacking knowledge of law and the Constitution.

Claiming that the issue is of great significance as it is a matter of faith for the people of India, the UP CM said Saturday, "If Supreme Court can give judgement in the Sabarimala case, it should also give its order in Ram temple case. I request the court to do so." 

"He is holding a constitutional post. The remarks show a lack of understanding of law and the Constitution. The Supreme Court will lay down a road map on how the proceedings would go," Singhvi said.

With PTI inputs