Kozhikode: Kerala tribal leader CK Janu, who had quit the NDA last month, on Wednesday, joined the Left Democratic Federation (LDF). The decision was taken at a state-level meet in Kozhikode. 

Earlier, Janu had expressed her party Adivasi Gothra Maha Sabha’s displeasure over the neglect and indifference shown by some senior BJP leaders towards their major demands. One of the main demands of the party was to implement the Scheduled Areas law.

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Janu had said that they do not have any aversion towards the LDF or the UDF. On Wednesday, Janu declared that she has joined LDF.

"I can't believe Janu, she will again jump ship. Earlier, many times she had criticised LDF and now she went to the same party," said Gopal K, a BJP worker.

Earlier, when the media asked why she accepted the NDA invitation, Janu had said bluntly that others didn’t offer them a seat. She also reasoned that the Adivasis, who make up 1% of the Kerala population now had a political front. The UDF and LDF had not given political space to the Adivasis, she said.

Janu is also a social activist. She is also the leader of Adivasi Gothra Maha Sabha, a social movement that has been agitating since 2001 for the redistribution of land to the landless tribal people in Kerala. The movement has positioned itself under the aegis of the Dalit-Adivasi Action Council.