New Delhi: The Supreme Court on Thursday had some words of advice for activist lawyer Prashant Bhushan - he should not take everything in a "negative manner" and "looking things positively will make the world better".

A bench comprising Chief Justice Ranjan Gogoi and justices LN Rao and SK Kaul told this to Bhushan during the hearing of a matter related to the appointment of Lokpal in which the senior lawyer stressed for making all the developments public on the official website saying people should know what is happening.

Bhushan raised this point after the bench had passed the order.

Interrupting him from lingering the hearing, the CJI asked, "Is there any reason to doubt the search committee having imminent persons?" 

The CJI said, "Mr Bhushan, don't always look at things in a negative way. Please start looking at things positively. The world will become a better place to live. Don't look at things from negative point." 
Justice Gogoi then told the activist lawyer to start practising positive thinking from tomorrow.

Bhushan was making a submission that the search committee on Lokpal should publish on website the minutes of the meetings as well as the panel of names for appointment as Lokpal so that people should know.

"So tell us, what orders should we pass? On March 7, we hope that they (search committee) will give us the panel of names. We will give it to you," the CJI said.

"Mr Bhushan, do not ask the court to pass an order which is not required. At the moment, requirement is that the search committee should do this within a time frame and we have fixed the time frame," Justice Gogoi said.

When Bhushan again tried to rake up the point that people should know about the entire process, the CJI said, "Do not look at it with negative point. Look and think positively. We are trying to make the world a better place and one point of it is to look at it positively." 

"Mr Bhushan, you know everything which is going on in the country. At least more than we judges," he said.

The CJI pointed out to the journalists standing in the courtroom and said, "They all are going to write it tomorrow.” 

With PTI inputs