Thiruvananthapuram: Revolutionary Marxist Party leader TP Chandrasekharan murder case accused Kodi Suni, who was on parole, was arrested on February 14 by Koothuparamba police for the abduction and attack of a youth.

According to the police report, the incident occurred on January 13. Suni and a team of people abducted Rafshan. The team took the youth to a resort in Wayanad, snatched his mobile and robbed him of Rs 16,000. 

Nine persons have been accused in the case including Kodi Suni. Four were arrested earlier. The Koothuparambu magistrate court issued a production warrant after the plea of the police. Suni has been remanded in police custody for two days.

Kodi Suni who was out on parole, was found guilty of the murder of TP Chandrasekharan, who was hacked to death on May 4, 2012.

Controversy surrounds Chandrasekharan murder case culprits who have been granted parole, allowing them to spend time outside the jail. Many believe that this is possible because they have the support of the state government. 

At the same time, KK Rema (TP Chandrasekharan's wife) had said to media that she would knock the doors of the high court if the state government attempts to acquit Kunjananthan and other convicts.

Along with Rema, who took over the reins of the party following her husband's death, other party members such as those from the Congress and the BJP continue to point fingers at Pinarayi Vijayan. 

CPM leader PK Kunjananthan, accused of murdering Chandrasekharan, was granted parole for 389 days. The accused was also hospitalised for over 45 days. 

Many have criticised the state government after Kunjananthan was granted parole. The Kerala high court has said that the parole grant is not an appropriate measure to address the health issue of the convict. The court said if the person is unwell then rather than sanctioning paroles, the government should have ensured he is given proper medical treatment.