New Delhi: Four men were arrested on Thursday outside exiled CBI director Alok Verma's home in Janpath, Delhi, allegedly for “suspiciously” lurking around the building. 

Sources said the four men identified as Dheeraj, Prashant, Ajay, and Vinit, are from the Intelligence Bureau. 

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The men were caught by his security personnel and hauled inside. The police have been called in and the men are being questioned.

Sources said the men were keeping a watch on Mr Verma, who was sent on forced leave on Wednesday. He was interim chief M Nageshwar Rao.

On Tuesday, Verma had removed Asthana of all cases he was overseeing and recommended that he be transferred out of the agency, hours after the Delhi high court refused to halt an investigation against the latter.

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Besides, a few other CBI officers were also relieved of their charges. Arun Sharma, who was the joint director of policy and anti-corruption within the CBI, and Manish Sinha, a deputy inspector general-level officer, have been sent on leave. Asthana has also been sent on leave on Wednesday.