New Delhi: The rath yatra will go on, regardless of judicial blockage and chief minister Mamata Banerjee's refusal to give permission, announced BJP president Amit Shah in a hurriedly-called press conference. Shah dared Mamata to stop her, saying, “The yatra will take place, all the three yatras will happen. In all of them, my participation is confirmed. Let Mamata Banerjee stop me”.

The Calcutta high court refused permission to the much-anticipated BJP rath yatra based on an intelligence report presented by the state government. The report said that the yatra may incite communal violence.

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The Bengal BJP challenged the matter in the division bench, which is seized of the matter. Shah declared that they may approach the Supreme Court, first reported by MyNation on Thursday.

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Amit Shah’s dare comes a day after the Bengal government made a strong pitch against the rath yatra and rallies in the Calcutta high court. The first rath yatra is supposed to be held on Friday from Coochbehar.

Mounting a blistering attack against the Mamata Banerjee-led Bengal government, Shah also alleged that the state leads in the number of political killings in the country. Shah didn’t stop at that; he highlighted the culture of illegal arms factories running rampant in the state, something that MyNation has consistently highlighted.

So will it be business as usual? Bengal BJP president Dilip Ghosh told MyNation, “There should not be any confusion after Amit Shah himself has made it so abundantly clear that nothing can and nothing will stop us. Mamata Banerjee, here we come.”

In the latest development, the division bench of the Calcutta high court has com down hard on the Mamata Banerjee government. It maintained, rather than coming down with a blanket no, it should have come down with conditions. 

The court ordered that a three-member BJP team to meet Bengal chief secretary and discuss the matter by Wednesday, after which, the chief secretary has been asked to report back to the court.

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