Bengaluru: Raju, from Bengaluru was arrested by the police for killing his wife and three-month-old child, because his wife was addicted to social media.

Raju, a warehouse employee from Bidadi, in the outskirts of Bengaluru confessed to police that he had killed his wife and strangled their three-month-old baby on January 20 near a eucalyptus grove off the Hejjal- Mutturayanapura Road near Kumbalgodu forest area.

Raju from Gangondanahalli came in contact with Sushma, 25, from Tumakuru on Facebook. Both befriended each other and started meeting frequently. She became pregnant. After initial reluctance, the families got the couple married.

Sushma gave birth to a baby boy, three months ago. But the couple had been fighting over various issues, mainly about Sushma's indulgence in Facebook and Instagram. Raju had even grown suspicious that Sushma was talking to unknown people on Facebook after she allegedly began to show neglect towards the house.

On January 20, he took Sushma and the child on his bike near the Kumbalgodu forest area and stopped the vehicle near the eucalyptus grove. He then bludgeoned Sushma to death with a large stone and strangled his son. He threw both the bodies inside the grove.

The issue came to light when Sushma's mother filed a complaint with the police stating that he daughter and grandson were missing since January 20. The police took Raju in for questioning where he confessed to the crime.

He told police that he was fed up with Sushma's addiction to Facebook and Instagram.