Thiruvananthapuram: Amid the chanting of Sharanam and the lighting of lamps, there were attacks in Kannur on the Ayyappa Jyothi day on Wednesday.

As many as 31 people, including 10 women, were reportedly injured in various incidents in Kannur and Kasaragod. It is reported that the women and children had come for the Ayyappa Jyothi programme.

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Lakhs of people took part in Ayyappa Jyothi on Wednesday evening. It was organised by the Kerala BJP and Sabarimala Karma Samithi.

Ayyappa Jyothi was organised for demanding that the traditions and customs of Sabarimala be preserved. Women, men and even children lined up along the 765-km stretch between Kasaragod and Thiruvananthapuram to attend the Ayyappa Jyothi.

They lined up on either side of the road and lit lamps and passed the flame to the nearby persons, thus giving the feeling of travelling lights. Ayyappa Jyothi formed a human chain along the national highway from Manjeswaram (Kasaragod district) to Parassala (Thiruvananthapuram district).

Earlier, the Kerala BJP president Sreedharan Pillai said Ayyappa Jyothi is all about love and inclusiveness, not like the Pinarayi Vijayan’s women's wall campaign, which is for "for separation and hatred".

No slogans were raised in the programme and only mantras were chanted.

Some of the prominent leaders in socio-literary and cultural arena took part in meetings held in 97 important centres after the Ayyappa Jyothi.

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In Thiruvananthapuram, the strike pandal of the BJP, in front of the secretariat was the main centre of the awareness programme. MLA O Rajagopal lit the lamp in front of an Ayyappa idol in Thiruvananthapuram. Sobha Surendran, protesting in front of the secretariat also came out of the pandal and stood with the protesters along with Rajagopal.

Several leaders from the BJP, RSS and many other Hindu organisations, like Nair Service Society, took part in the Ayyappa Jyothi programme. Pillai told the media that the Ayyappa Jyothi would force the state government to change its stand on Sabarimala.

Apart from Kerala, the Ayyappa Jyothi was lit in 11 other states too.