Thiruvananthapuram: Former state police chief TP Senkumar slammed Pinarayi Vijayan's initiative -- the women's wall, which is programmed for January 1. Senkumar said to media that instead of building the women's wall, Pinarayi Vijayan government should build homes for the needy.

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After the August floods in Kerala, hundreds of lives were lost in the state. Thousands of homes were totally destroyed and many more were partially damaged. 

At least 488 people died in Kerala due to the rains and floods this monsoon, which hit 14 districts of the state. 

As per reports, around 2,000 families are still staying in relief camps. Senkumar also said that the government should find a solution for those families, who are still living in relief camps, rather than building women's wall unnecessarily.

Senkumar also said that he would join Ayyappa Jyothi initiated by the Bharatiya Janata Party and the Sabarimala Karma Samithi, which is scheduled for December 26. He said that since Ayyappa Jyothi is all about removing darkness and bringing in light, he would partake in it.

It is reported that the Ayyappa Jyothi programme would be held on Wednesday between 6 PM and 6:30 PM, with an intent to form a human chain along the national highway from Manjeswaram (Kasaragod district) to Parassala (Thiruvananthapuram district).

BJP state president Sreedharan Pillai said that a lamp (Jyothi) would be lit every two and a half kilometres. Pillai also said to media that the Ayyappa Jyothi is all about love and inclusiveness, not like the women's wall conducted by Pinarayi Vijayan government, which is "for separation and hatred". 

It is reported that around 8 lakh devotees would take part in the programme. Pillai also said that no slogans would be raised in the programme and only mantras would be chanted. 

Earlier, Senkumar slammed the allegations that he was selected to be the next Governor of Kerala. He also said that he met Amit Shah to request him to make laws so that all temples including Sabarimala as well as the Devaswom Boards are in the hands of believers.

Senkumar said non-believers governing a temple of believers is not the right practice. As per the seventh section of the Indian Consitution, the Centre has the right to protect temples. "I have handed over the details of that legal aspect to Amit Shah. Other than that, nothing else was discussed,” he clarified.