New Delhi: The right-wing was riding the crest on Thursday after the Supreme Court in a 2-1 majority verdict upheld its 1994 judgment in a case pertaining to Ram mandir, reiterating that offering namaz at a mosque was not integral to the practice of Islam.

The Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP), one of the main stakeholders in the case, declared that it would no longer hold back the construction of a Ram temple in Ayodhya. The RSS affiliate would be holding a ‘sant-samagam’ or a congregation of Hindu saints from across the country in New Delhi on October 5 to chalk out the strategy for immediately moving ahead with the construction process.

The organisation’s international joint general secretary Surendra Jain told MyNation on Thursday that apart from having welcomed the verdict that refused to refer the 1994 judgment to a bigger bench for reconsideration, the VHP would not tolerate any more delays in erecting the temple at the disputed ‘Ramjanmabhoomi’ site.

“So far the Congress and the Muslim parties to the dispute have been resorting to various ploys to delay the matter. The Ismail Faruqui matter was raised after 24 years. Now, the chaff has been separated from grain as the Supreme Court has categorically held that the mosque is not necessary for namaz. Now the way for the final hearing into the title suit has been paved. But, we are in no mood to tolerate any more delays,” Jain said.

“On October 5, we are holding the meeting of our level committee in Delhi where we shall take the last decision on how to go in for the construction of the temple,” Jain added.

In the meanwhile, the RSS also welcomed the verdict, but expected a positive verdict from the apex court when it starts hearing the title suit from October 29. 

“Today, the Supreme Court has decided to hold hearing on the Shri Rama Janmabhoomi case from October 29 by a three-member bench. We welcome this decision and are confident that a just verdict will be reached over the case at the earliest,” All India Prachar Pramukh Arun Kumar tweeted from the RSS’s official handle.