Bengaluru: Taking a cue from new year shocker in the past years, increase in chain snatching menace and to boost confidence among Assistant Sub-Inspectors (ASI) who usually take orders from their superiors, will now be seen as investigation officers and as part of their routines, will get pistols and ten bullets each.

According to Bengaluru Police Commissioner T Suneel Kumar, this decision will be like a morale boost to ASI's for serving as head constable for 15 to 20 long years now. This apart, ASI's patrolling in the bike and having a pistol, will instill fear among hooligans and hoodlums.

"The ASI's are normally asked to take long rifles during emergency and law and order situation, but this pistol is handy and will be part of their uniforms soon. Since they will also be investigating few crimes, in some case to overpower antisocial elements, the pistols will be of good defence," said Commissioner. 

As of now, only Police Inspectors and Sub-Inspectors and above officers carry pistols. Soon, ASI's will be seen with the pistol.
"400 ASI's from across Bengaluru were given training. The exact number of officers who have cleared the training will be known in a day or two and soon they will be given permission from DCP Administration to get the pistol" he added. 

Each pistol has a capacity to load 10 bullets. The Police Officers are always asked to keep their pistols loaded. At present, 324 officers including 108 inspectors and 218 Sub-Inspectors are carrying pistols.