Amaravati: The Andhra Pradesh government stated that it would soon bring out nine 'white papers', highlighting the state's progress in various sectors since the bifurcation in 2014 and also incorporating a vision for the coming five years.

The white papers should disclose facts to the people and reflect the reality, chief minister N Chandrababu Naidu told officials at a high-level review meeting in Amaravati.

While the series of white papers brought out in 2014, post-bifurcation, listed out the problems that confronted the new state on various fronts, the proposed set of white papers would explain the progress made by the state, braving numerous challenges in various sectors, he said.     

"We should clearly put forth before the people, the tremendous progress we made in the last four years, despite a heavy financial deficit. The various welfare programmes from womb to tomb being implemented, should also be explained in detail," the chief minister said.

The proposed white papers would be on subjects like the state's financial position, challenges and problems overcome post-bifurcation, water resources development and progress of irrigation projects, human resources development, industrial growth and job creation, growth of the service sector and infrastructure development, progress of education and health sectors and welfare schemes.

The Chief Minister asked officials of various departments to prepare development plans, along with the white papers.

"Prepare village, mandal and district development plans, besides the state development plan. Place these plans before the people during the ensuing Janmabhoomi programme from January 2," he said.

Naidu directed the officials to bring out the white papers and development plans in clear, understandable language, enabling an elaborate debate among people.