Hyderabad: Former state minorities commission chairman Abid Rasool Khan resigned from Telangana Congress, on Wednesday, to join Telangana Rashtra Samiti (TRS). Khan has stated that, based on the seat list for the upcoming Assembly elections, Congress was only concerned about votes from the Muslim community and did not have any regard for the 15-18% population.  

Caretaker deputy chief minister Mohammed Mahmood Ali, minister KT Rama Rao and MP Kavitha Kalvakunta would be present to welcome Rasool Khan to the party. He has held the position of vice president at the Telangana Pradesh Congress Committee.     

Khan has stated two reasons for his resignation - the appointment of Shaik Abdul Sohail as chairman of minority commision and no proper representation of the Muslim population at the seating list. Out of the 75 candidate names announced, only four names belong to those from the Muslim community. Out of these, three belong to Hyderabad Old City area. Khan alleged that the party wishes only votes from the Muslim population, but is unwilling to provide any opportunities for their empowerment.

Khan said to MyNation, "I am leaving Congress with a heavy heart. I have been a Congressman for the past 32 years. I feel the party members are not interested in empowering the minority, they rather only care about votes. Rahul Gandhi supports minorities, but his subordinates have a different ideology. The people given seats to are those who have hawala accounts and those who are goons and rowdies, who are unwilling to work for the development of minorities."

Khan said that he has also worked for the development of the minorities and would continue to do so as part of TRS. It was when he felt that his interests were not being accepted by the Congress members, that the invitation to join TRS came, he said, adding that he has happily accepted as the party focuses on mutual ideologies. Commenting on contesting election, he said that if the TRS desires the same then he will contest otherwise he be campaigning for the respective candidates. As of now, the party has not given any statements.

When asked about his opinion on the Mahakutami or the grand alliance consisting Congress, TJS, TDP, and others, Khan called it a big joke, stating that the party has not yet declared the final list of candidates when Telangana election is only a few weeks away.