New Delhi: A day after BJP president Amit Shah addressed the much-anticipated rally at Malda, his Bengal trip was cut short. The Bengali-speaking and fiery Union minister Smriti Irani replaced the BJP president at rallies held in Birbhum and Jhargram on Wednesday. 

Shah's absence wasn't allowed to be felt with the aggression Irani displayed.

MyNation looks at the five main points on which the Union minister attacked the Trinamool Congress and its chief Mamata Banerjee head-on


  • Irani alleged that extortion has become a part of life in Bengal ever since the TMC came to power. She alleged, "The entire state is reeling under extortion tax. If you don't pay this tax, work will not get done. If you want to get admitted to college, you have to pay extortion money. Even to get a job or run a business, paying the extortion money is compulsory. The people of Bengal want freedom from this tax regime."

  • Irani slammed the TMC chief for forming an alliance with the Congress. She alleged that Mamata had forged an alliance with the very forces she fought against. Irani reminded Mamata that had it not been for the support of the BJP, the TMC could never come to power.
  • Irani said that people of Bengal will uproot the TMC government in the days to come. She resonated the same view as that of Shah, when he said on Tuesday, "You (people) will not only have to vote against TMC but uproot and throw them away."

  • The Union minister questioned the TMC-led Bengal government’s anguish about the BJP's political game plan in Bengal. Shah had mentioned the same in his rally in Malda, saying that it was the “TMC's fear” that forced them to block the rath yatra in the state. Shah had earlier said, "If you don't allow my chopper to land, I will address rallies from the chopper. If you don't allow rallies to take place, I will walk around the state to fight against you."
  • Irani said the people of Bengal will vote against the 'non-performance' of the TMC government. The BJP has highlighted various scams like the Sarada, Narada or Rose Valley chit fund scams, where TMC leaders are alleged to be involved. 
  • As Shah was suffering from high fever when he was addressing the rally in Malda, he was advised to head back for treatment. He is still recovering from swine flu and was admitted at AIIMS, Delhi. However, in his absence, Irani will keep the momentum going.