Chennai: On November 18, 2 tonnes of oil spilled into the sea just north of Chennai in Tamil Nadu. This is the exact repeat of last year's crisis that took an enormous effort to clean up the damaged area's ecology.

This incident took place at the Kamarajar port in Ennore, just 20 km away from Chennai. The same site had suffered a major oil spill when two cargo ships ran into each other in January 2017.

This shocking misfortune took place after a hose, which is used to transfer oil snapped out. The authorities have claimed that the recovery work has been initiated and will be over within 48 hours. MT Coral Stars is the tanker involved in this mishap.

Officials from the Indian coast guard and Mercantile marine department (MMD) were also monitoring the situation.

P Raveendran, the port's chairman and managing director said, "The oil tanker Coral Stars was discharging fuel on Sunday morning. Suddenly, one of its flexible pipes broke resulting in a small amount of oil spill on the berth and around the ship."

The oil flow was stopped immediately and booms-floating barriers were used to contain spills around the oil tanker to prevent the spread.