Bengaluru: At least 103 boys were admitted to the Indira Gandhi Children's Hospital in Bengaluru as they started vomiting. They complained of diahorrea after dinner at the Balamandir, on Sunday.

It is said that a lizard fell into the meal as they were cooking for the Balamandir children, but no official confirmation has been made in this regard.

Among those admitted in the hospital, 100 children will be discharged on Monday evening and three will be kept under observation for two more days. The doctors said that those 100 children to be discharged are out of danger.

According to a victim's statement, they were having food after prayer at 8 PM, when someone allegedly saw two legs either of a lizard or a chameleon. After spotting this, the children stopped eating and soon started vomiting. They also complained of diarrhoea.

The authorities immediately admitted the children to Indira Gandhi Children's hospital.  Deputy commissioner Vijay Shankar visited the hospital, met the children and took stock of the situation.

The Balamandir is also known as the boys' home in Karnataka, which is run by the women and child welfare department under the Integrated Child Protection Scheme. The building is situated near Kidwai Hospital in Bengaluru.

This is a house for orphans, those who have migrated from other cities, those children found on railway stations, bus stations and other places and have none to look after.

Most of the times, NGOs find such children and admit them to Balamandir.