Guwahati: A 10-year-old girl was severely injured following a Chinese-made toy car explosion in Guwahati on Tuesday evening. The incident took place at the Manipuribasti area in Assam’s capital.

In the explosion, the girl lost two fingers of her left hand and the right eye. She also received severe injuries in her body.

A youth (uncle of the girl) had reportedly found a toy car packed in a polythene bag inside a house owned by Bembem Devi. He handed the car over to the daughter of Bembem Devi.

When the girl was playing with the toy car, it suddenly exploded. Apart from the minor girl, her mother received minor injuries in the explosion.

The girl was rushed immediately to Arya hospital in Guwahati. The attending doctor at the hospital said that the girl was brought in a severely injured condition and admitted to the hospital at around 4:25 PM.

“We took her immediately to the operation theatre. We found that her right eye was totally shattered. She had lost two fingers of her left hand. We found some small pieces of wires from her body,” Dr Abhijeet Neog said.

On the one hand, Guwahati city police commissioner Pradip Saloi and other top police officials, forensic experts also rushed to the spot and examined.

“This afternoon around 4:15 PM, the girl studying in Class III was given a toy car by her uncle. When she was playing with the car, it exploded and she received injuries. Our team from the forensic science laboratory has examined the spot and collected some samples. In the preliminary investigation, no such of evidence of a general bomb has been found. The car was of a Chinese make,” Pradip Saloi said.

On the other hand, forensic experts suspect that some chemicals might have been used in the toy car.

The girl is in a critical condition.