Guntur: Ahead of the Lok Sabha elections, Prime Minister Narendra Modi was in Guntur to address an election rally. From taking on Andhra Pradesh chief minister Chandrababu Naidu for his dynasty politics to inaugurating a slew of projects for the state, Modi used the platform to leave a long-lasting effect on the people of Andhra Pradesh.
Here are the takeaways from the Prime Minister's speech at Guntur.
1. Modi started his speech in Telugu, struck a chord with Telugu people 
The best way to build a rapport with people is to talk to them in the language they are most comfortable with. PM Modi did just that! He began his speech in Telugu and did not forget to invoke poet Gurram Jashuva, freedom fighter Vavilala Gopalakrishna and Nayudamma, an expert in medical science. Such an invocation of the local leaders (all three hailed from Guntur) will help create that feeling of belongingness and bonding, both of which are crucial for upcoming elections.

2. Turning stones into milestones, the Modi way!
Modi was greeted with ‘Modi Go Back’ posters when he made his entry into Andhra Pradesh. But not the one to be deterred by the protests, Modi used the same slogan tactfully when he said: “I will go back to my position in the next elections”. Obviously such usage of situations and statements to his advantage is a trait and tenet that Modi is blessed with.
2. Modi exposes AP CM Chandrababu Naidu on his seniority
Moments after he landed, Modi was at his oratorical best. Taking a jibe at Naidu, Modi successfully cornered him by saying he backstabbed his own father-in-law NT Rama Rao, and though a senior, Naidu was using his position to praise and persecute the same person in a matter of minutes!

4. Modi levels dynasty allegations against Naidu
Dynasty politics is something that has been the bane of the India. However, PM Modi is different as he rose through the ranks solely through his hard work. But when it comes to Naidu, it is indeed different. In his flamboyant speech, Modi didn’t mince words when he said Naidu is more interested in ‘son rise’ (reference to his son Lokesh) rather than ‘sun rise’ (a reference to the progress of the state a CM ought to give). At a deeper level, Modi was obviously hinting at how Naidu was giving more emphasis on family rather than talent (which could be nurtured).
5. Modi exposes Naidu’s lies on ‘Special Status’ to Andhra
The issue of Special Status to Andhra Pradesh has been a key issue, coercing Naidu to call it quits from NDA. Though the AP CM has belaboured about the alleged ‘step-motherly’ treatment to his state, Modi used the Guntur rally to demolish the allegations. Saying that the special package to Andhra was much more formidable and all-encompassing in terms of funds for the state, the PM added that Naidu even hailed the special package on the floor of the House and then, did a volte-face in order to portray the Centre in a bad light.
6. Jaganmohan Reddy doesn’t participate in protests against Modi
In what comes as a major fillip to the Modi-led NDA, Jaganmohan Reddy, chief of YSR Congress chose not to extend support to the anti-Modi protests. This surely and stridently sends out signals to the Naidu camp that he is in no mood to go against Modi. In fact, Reddy squarely blames Naidu for the Special Status fiasco, saying the AP CM did not give his heart and soul for the betterment of the state.

7. PM inaugurates a slew of Central government projects
The Prime Minister inaugurated as many as three key Central government projects namely laying foundation for the coastal installation (Krishnapatnam), strategic crude oil storage facility (Visakhapatnam) and S1 Vasishta development project (Amalapuram). The slew of inaugurations in one fell swoop – from none other than the PM himself – helps in driving home the point that Modi is one who just doesn’t  talk but also  walks the talk and means business.
8. Modi leaves an ‘Amaravati’ image!
Amaravati is a city that the citizens of Andhra take pride in. The city, steeped in history, is known to have its own legislation around 2,200 years ago itself! Now coming to the present day, PM Modi has declared Amaravati to be a heritage city under the Hriday scheme. Such a declaration and granting of funds to the heritage city will increase the bonding with the locals and the Centre. This will also help demolish the thought that Modi has a recalcitrant attitude for the state.
9. Guntur, the Oxford of Andhra
When a national leader speaks, it is imperative that he localises the global content or in simple words, glocalises it to make his way into the hearts of the people. PM did just that! Using the fame that Guntur has earned as being ‘the Oxford of Andhra Pradesh’, the PM confidently and smoothly expressed that Guntur was in his scheme of things and he would do more than needful to help it prosper. Moreover, when he said Guntur attracts people from all over the country, it was a proclamation that Guntur has been put on the national map for its educational and academic prowess.
10. ‘Not Congress-mukt, but Congress-dost’
Modi has always been a strident critic of the Congress party, exhorting the people to rid the country of the grand old party of India. Today, at the rally, Modi took this as an opportunity to lambast Naidu, who has unequivocally extended his hand as a mark of friendship with the Congress. With the clever use of words ‘Dost’ and ’Mukt’, Modi conveniently relegated Naidu’s idea of joining hands with the Congress. You could also see the oblique reference to the Mahagathbandhan.
Modi was on a whirlwind tour of the south Indian states of Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu and Karnataka. With elections on his mind, Modi will certainly mince no words or miss out on an opportunity to gather political brownie points and help swing tides in favour of the BJP.