Hyderabad: Symbiosis Law School, Hyderabad’s assistant professor has been accused of sexual harassment by a student. The student accused Srinivas Methuku of ogling at her private parts in a written complaint to the Ministry of Women and Child Development.

She has also alleged the college administration to turn a blind eye to sexual assault complaints in the campus.

The Deccan Chronicle reported that the student told the daily that a committee from the law school in Pune visited the Hyderabad campus, and have asked the two girls to take down the complaint and the social media post because it defames the professor and the institution.

The written complaint reads: “Methuku Sir, had the habit of looking at girl's breasts was not new in the college. One day I had to stand and beg in front of him to give me an extension for my project submission (since he is the examination head). While I was explaining to him, he was very conveniently looking at my crotch and breast. He kept staring, until I yelled at him, “My face is here, Sir!” That day I felt powerless, I felt weak in my knees. I was tearing up. He didn’t touch me but he managed to gauge my soul, out of his x-ray eyes, as we had only learned about bad touch. I didn't know how to react to such a situation. Those eyes disgust me. His position makes me barf.”

One of the girls also said that after Symbiosis did not act on sexual assault allegations earlier, the two had registered a complaint with the ministry. She added that she wasn’t sure if a proper investigation was conducted before he was ‘severely reprimanded’, because Methuku was later made a member of the grievance redressal committee for the academic year 2018-19.

In response, the principal director of SLU, Ms Vidya, said: “The ICC is in contact with the Ministry through the registrar. Many students in the wake of the #MeToo campaign have come up with allegations that need to be investigated. Many students who have low attendance are trying to raise issues against the law school."

The SLU registrar, Dr MS Shejul said: “A detailed inquiry was conducted by ICC of the institute on the complaint about Asst Professor Srinivas Methuku ogling and causing discomfort to female students. The director of the institute taking due cognizance of the matter has severely reprimanded the said faculty and ensured it is not repeated anywhere with anybody.”