There are many legends that surround Valentine’s Day – nonetheless the most well-known is the tale of Saint Valentine. It commemorates Saint Valentine, who arranged marriages at a time when the Emperor banned marriages. While in prison, he fell in love with the jailer’s daughter and wrote his last letter to her, signing off as “From Your Valentine”. No matter what the legend is, this day of love is celebrated worldwide with the underlying message to express love, gratitude, affection and to spend quality time with your loved one.

This Valentine’s Day, ditch traditional gifts and as an alternative pamper your significant other with gifts that best suit their interests.

Here’s a list of millennial gifting ideas that befits your Valentine’s personality.

For the ‘Forever Foodie’
Is your partner always on a food hunt and tasked to try new cuisines? Uber Eats offers an array of dishes, right from appetizers to the most delectable desserts that will satiate your partner’s cravings through the special day. Celebrate with your food lover with a cozy breakfast in bed, romantic lunch or an elegant candlelight dinner.  

For the ‘Movie Buff’
This Valentine’s Day, avoid the long queues at the movies. Instead, gift a BookMyShow gift card to your loved one and easily book your favourite seats to watch a much-awaited movie with a tub of popcorn. Log on to BookMyShow’s gift card section, simply pick a card of your choice, enter the value and Voila! it’s done!

For the ‘Coffee-Enthusiast’
We’ve all embraced the concept of a romantic coffee date. But for some, just a cup of coffee isn’t enough. For the ultimate coffee-connoisseur, Siemens Home Appliances offers a fully automatic built-in coffee centre that processes every bean to a perfecto cuppa-coffee. Cheers to numerous coffee date under the comfort of your own roof.

For the ‘Avid Gamer’
What’s a better gift for a gamer than an all-new game to enjoy? Kit up for the ultimate cricket challenge with Sachin Saga VR developed by JetSynthesys. Experience the thrill of an on-field cricket match by ordering this limited edition headset and game online. What more, you can even play this multiplayer game together!

For the ‘Fitness Freak’
If your partner loves to keep fit and maintain his/her health quotient, a FitBit Versa smartwatch would make the perfect V-Day gift! You can shop online on Flipkart for the latest edition that helps activity tracking, sleep tracking, and a heart rate sensor activated at all times.