While making 'air quotes' was replaced by using jazz hands as the go-to gesture to express irony, it seems to have replaced the good ol' clapping too. 

BBC North West took to Twitter to inform that University of Manchester Students’ Union has encouraged people to avoid clapping and use "jazz hands" instead to express their support.


While the Urban Dictionary has a plethora of questionable definitions of 'jazz hands' involving toilet paper and other bodily fluids, the move is just raising your hands at ear-level and waving. Here's the perfect way to do that: 


Meanwhile, a host of doctors and wellness gurus have stated that clapping is actually good for your health. Pune-based psychologist, Sukanya Biswas has written in medical portal Lybrate, "There are about 30+ acupressure points in the palms, which are activated when you are clapping. These connect various organs including low back, neck, kidneys, lungs stomach, etc and benefit them." Clapping also improves blood circulation and helps immunity by boosting white cells.

Well, what's your poison - clapping or jazz hands?