New Delhi: Futurist and Stanford economist Tony Seba is not one to be taken lightly. After all, he predicted the solar boom in 2010 and now, he’s selling a vision of a future made up entirely of Electric Vehicles (EV). 
Just like the horse carriages, cars with internal combustion engines will also be phased out as the world moves to the silent purr of EVs. Faster, furious-er and economical, Seba says the numbers rather than ecological value will be the biggest advantage of EVs. “I don’t need to tell you that EVs are superior. That’s what the mainstream analysts don’t get. These are not a substitute, EVs are superior,” he said at rEVolution 2018 in Amsterdam, adding “The electric motor is 5 times more efficient in converting the energy in the battery to usable, kinetic energy.”
He mic-dropped with the fact, “By 2025, all new vehicles sold will be electric.”

Meanwhile, closer home, Union minister Nitin Gadkari announced the creation of a blueprint to boost production of electric vehicles in the country because there’s a ‘huge appetite for it”. He said, "The demand for electric vehicles is huge in India. Our expectation is to take the number of electric vehicles to 15 per cent of the total vehicles in India in the next five years." 
With the government aiming to promote Faster Adoption and Manufacturing of (Hybrid &) Electric Vehicles (FAME) India scheme, EVs and automobiles have also been exempted from permit requirements. However, the 12% GST on EVs remains. 
"My ministry has prepared a detailed report to promote electric vehicles through non-fiscal incentives," the minister said clarifying that subsidy was not needed.