When the world is going fashionless and bizarre in the economic turmoil and the industrial slowdown when the retail industry is suffering due to work from home, Rimi Dey Sarkar is painting the tinsel town in her fashion essence. She is a revolutionary fashion icon who believes in innovation and creativity. With her own fashion sense and glamorous look in the tech-savvy digital world, Rimi Dey Sarkar has innovated the fashion industry and taken it to the next level.

Her revolutionary fashion sense when complimented with the latest styling innovations, has given her the biggest boost in the vogue world. Gone are the days when models use to just pose in front of the camera. Rimi believes that a model, has to be ready at all times, she should be available for her fans and interact with them closely.

Rimi believes in experimenting with her looks. She is open to trying bizarre styles and she is confident enough to carry the oddest designer dress with complete conviction. Her this confidence and poise makes her stand out from the other model. Her soft and barbie looks make her shine out in every revolutionary fashion outfit that she tries. She strongly believes that a model should be courageous to experiment with her look if she wants to climb the success ladder in the fashion world. Inspired by Lady Gaga's fashion sense and her own revolutionary styling ideas, Rimi Dey Sarkar is making heads turn in her elegant new outfit, posing with total conviction and perfect glamourous looks.

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