Graphic rape threats and a viral tweet were not what anyone had in mind when a Mysore man posted a matrimonial ad for a holier-than-thou wife. 
A 37-year-old man from Mysore took to a leading newspaper daily to advertise for a wife 'strictly below 26 years of age' and who “should be a non-smoker, non-feminist, good cook, and never been married before or have any kid. Caste, creed, religion, and nationality no bar. No dowry required.".

While matrimonial ads are not an anomaly, all hell broke loose when a woman casually replied sarcastically to the posting and allegedly received rape threats in return. Here is the post:


A social media hunt is on for the man now, with the original tweeter saying, "Thank you for all the reposts! Please continue sharing this. Until we receive the man's identity to be able to take action against him." However, though the netizens are divided on the advertisement with some accusing the woman's friend of 'baiting' the man with a provocative mail herself, the alleged response to the woman is unanimously being booed by the Twitterati. 




Others are asking newspapers to have more stringent requirements when it comes to posting marriage proposals with a user saying, "The Hindu must insist on aadhar card for releasing matrimonial add. Had it been done the rogue wannabe groom would not have dared to write the filth that he did."