Priya Srivastava is just not all face and no brains, she is a woman of flair, confidence and strives, who is also extremely intelligent and clever in her endeavours. Priya Srivastava, the luxury lifestyle influencer rose to fame because of her popularity with the youth. She has a global mass connect and a huge fandom, which acts as her USP. She is a beautiful, energetic woman and is married and has a son. Priya Srivastava could definitely be addressed as the new and upcoming rising star of the world of Influencers and it needs to be noted that the Influencers must be aware of her talent and rising popularity.

She is not just someone how is famous for her physical features and they are just a bonus charm to her already existing abilities. Her physical attributes along with her bubbly, enthusiastic and positive personality only add to her charm. She is approximately 160cm in height and weighs around 44kg. She is tall and slender build, which helps her modelling career. She has black eyes and also black wavy hair. Her big black eyes are one of her most prominent features which only add to her gracious and attractive personality.

Priya Srivastava is an Indian, who is currently living in London. She was born on 28th February 1986. And she completed her degree in Fashion Buying and Merchandising from the London College of Fashion. Currently, Priya Srivastava is living in London and it is from here that she finds content for her official Instagram profile, where she is a luxury lifestyle influencer. She recently won The Iconic Max Award in the category of Influencer of the Year 2020. She is rather popular for her luxury brand endorsements such as Chanel and Dior. She has worked with multiple brands, amongst which Tiffiny and co., Dior, Chanel and the Vogue Magazine are few of the most prominent ones.

Priya Srivastava is also a travel and fitness enthusiast and her Instagram is filled with IGTV stories, reels and posts of all the things that she seems to love and adore. Priya Srivastava is also famous for the looks that she has recreated such as the iconic, red lips and all-red outfit look. She has also recreated the ageless look of Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s, with her collaboration work with Tiffany and co. Priya Srivastava has made her debut in the Influencer world with great pomp and pride, and one can only hope that she is going to only succeed in the future with her brilliant presence, content creation, fashion and style sense.

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