MADS Creations’ Founder and Director Meenu Agarwal allays the perception of interior designing being an easy task, recommends hiring a professional.

The inherent desire in people for an aesthetically pleasing and functionally efficient space where you spend your time in is a tale as old as civilization.  Where you live and work is personal – this is an irrefutable fact. Hence, it is only natural that people attempt to alter and design it as per their whims and interest. But the aspiration for a well-designed and curated property many a time gets conflated with one’s ability to do justice to the vision in their heads.

“While space might be personal, interior designing is not”, says Meenu Agarwal MADS Creations in Delhi-Gurgaon region. She continues, “there is a reason you look for the best engineer and the best architect if you’re constructing a building. Because it is a work that requires professional expertise.”

Speaking from a perspective that comes from her almost 20 years of professional experience in the field, she points out the areas in which a non-professional is bound to face struggles. “The primaryimpediment”, she says, “is the time you end up sifting through the catalogues and blogs about furniture, curtains or lights.”

“The common perception regarding interior design tilts towards people considering it to be merely picking up color of the wall paint and the pattern of their furniture. If it were true, there would be no premier institutions like National Institute of Design, Delhi; New York School of Interior Design; Parson School of Design – which invest and train people in the intricacies and nuances of interior design.”

As the Principal Designer at MADS Creations, Meenu Agarwal recounts her daily interactions with industry vendors. She states, “If you’re going for anything customized, be prepared for the hassle in overseeing the development and then negotiating for the price. On the other hand, we have our trade connections and dedicated team which monitors the progress made on any ordered product.”

“Everyone has apersonal sense of what they want – but without any clarity of how and where to get it from. As a professional designer, we are skilled and knowledgeable not only in understanding the desires of the clients but also about narrowing down their vast options with what will suit them best.”

Like any other field, unexpected troubles or adverse situations are bound to develop during the process of property makeover or interior design. “By hiring an interior designer, the clients buffer themselves from these complications and we, as specialists, ensure that the project remains shielded and is executed smoothly as per the client’s expectations”, expresses Meenu Agarwal.

She narrates her experience with people who chose to navigate the tedious and multifaceted work without a professional designer, “Between discounts from vendors based on personal rapport, cutting down on inadvertent costs during the planning stage, and most importantly, the time invested during the process – the ones who hired an interior designer always end up spending less than the ones who didn’t.”

Meenu Agarwal, who presently runs her own interior design firm MADS Creations, advises the people who wish to upgrade their property with elegantly curated furniture, aesthetically pleasing lightings, and essentially desire the best for their space – “Hire an interior designer. For yourself and your estate. Both deserve the best there is and can be.”

Disclaimer: This is a featured content