Celebrity hairstylist and young entrepreneur Kookie was born in London to a Jordanian father and a Finnish mother. Her upbringing in the presence of parents coming from two very different cultural backgrounds helped Claudia to be exposed to the rich diversity in the fashion trends prevalent in the respective countries. She got her very unique signature styling skills by infusing the smart sets of both the cultures of the Middle East & the West. 

With extreme turmoil & equally strong will Claudia carved her own creative space in the fashion industry. Her persistent efforts got her introduced to celebs looking for unrivalled hints of fashion to eclipse others on the red carpet. With the growing connections & fame Claudia also got several opportunities to work for film makers and even get invited to TV Shows. Kookieh with her unique professional skills & impeccable signatory styles has always been ambitious with her goal to be "one-of-a-kind".

In 2015 her efforts in the industry first came back with flying colours by the establishment of a Luxury Salon named "Pout" in the heart of Dubai. Starting from a small room to a professional spa & salon was a huge achievement.

Besides being an independent stylist and an entrepreneur Kookieh is also involved in coordination, hosting as well as judging events related to the beauty industry. Kookieh being talented and highly professional maintains work to the highest standards of practice. Her sincere dedication to the work has fetched her a very strong clientele even including a long list of celebrity clients around the globe. Making a signature impact on the beauty & fashion industry the Kookieh is the best example for young aspiring talents. 

Addressing one of her press meetings Kookieh urged the new commers in the industry by saying "Whether you own a simple salon or just love trying out novel hairstyles, it’s equally important to remember that behinds every trend we admire there are equally admirable stylists working hard behinds those curtains who have revolutionized the beauty industry as we know how today it is. I just want to reach that stage where I could represent my professional community & open the curtains so that the masses could know the true faces behind the construction of every popular hairstyle."

Kookieh has received thousands of praises & winning awards for her incredible work with celebrity models.
She is no less than iconic stylists of the past but living in the present.

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