New Delhi:  Valentine's Day is just a few days away and the madness has already begun. With couple-friendly contests, freebies, discounted dining options and social media PDA only meant for people in relationships, singles on Twitter cannot help but feels exceptionally down during this dreaded week. 

The romantic fervour reaches new heights today on Kiss Day, a gentle nudge for shy and not-so-shy couples to lock their lips. Beware PDA is going to be in full swing today, a sight that may make your eyes sore. Not to mention that nosy aunties and uncles will be out there with their spy radars, ready to pounce on any unsuspecting couple and cause a scene.

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While today is the day of validation for uncles and aunties as well as PDA-friendly couples, you may feel that there is no place for a single like you. Don't worry, the Twitterati shall welcome you with open arms and these memes will be a virtual kiss for your aching heart.