New Delhi: From marriages to quick hookups, Tinder singlehandedly may have sorted out the social lives of many millennials. The dating app popularised the right-left swipe approach in relationships as well as introduced a new species of men such as fuccbois, woke boy etc. 

Tinder recently revealed the most popular terms users put in their bios and the results are hilarious. A catchy Tinder bio, expressing your likes-dislikes and a bit about yourself is how a prospective suitor swipes right on your profile and takes the relationship forward. So, Tinder did a review of the most used terms in bios across categories, including TV shows, food and celebrities.

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Not surprisingly, Coffee, Netflix, Chill are the top 3 terms used in bios. Any coincidence about the order in which they appear? Tinder thinks not. The term Feminist was also the fifth most-used word on Tinder, looks like empowerment is the new sexy.  

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Meanwhile, Game of Thrones, Suits and Friends are the most-watched shows by Tinder users. But when it comes to celebrities Drake, Ed Sheeran and Rihanna defeated Ranveer Singh, Alia Bhatt and even Virat Kohli. Not surprisingly, Chai topped all popularity polls leaving behind strong contenders such as paani puri, biryani and ghar ka khaana to emerge as the most popular food. 

After all, 84% of Indian men and women on the app have claimed to make their swipes based on the personality description. With profile picture coming a close second. All the more reason for you to work more on your Tinder bio than your selfie. About 85% of Indian women find a man’s education as the biggest turn-on while looking for a match on Tinder while 86% of men believe a good profile picture does it for them.