The talent based out of Pune who has been doing incredibly in composing songs influenced with Indian ethnic vibes is Vaibhav Nagare

The music industry is home to many talented musicians. As a vertical, this industry has given enormous opportunities to many of these artists, giving them fame, recognition, and acceptance within the society along with livelihood. A more detailed look around us shows that how youngsters have been stepping up the ladder of success in ways more than one. We often think about the reasons that might have inspired them to get to the top in their industries. These individuals from the younger battalion always give out a unique sort of energy and devotion when it comes to their craft and thus take those respective fields to greater levels of success in a short period. That is how they have been replacing the game of the province they have stepped foot in. precisely implementing that in the Indian Music Industry is one such youngster from Pune, India, who trusted in his craft in the music and thus built the tower of the desired success as a DJ and Music Producer; he is Vaibhav Nagare.

Vaibhav Nagare is a 27years old top-notch music producer, DJ, and Software Engineer hailing from Pune, Maharashtra. Born and brought up in Pune, the Rich music culture of Maharashtra which includes many different forms of folk music and ethnic beats always inspired Vaibhav Nagare. Inspired by them Vaibhav Nagare took no time in realizing his inner will and passion to excel at the highest level within the music industry. To compose something different, unique, and give an amazing experience to the listeners Vaibhav Nagare stepped on the peddle embarking on this musical journey to reach the epitome of success in the music industry. Exploring various genres of music, Vaibhav Nagare experimented with various instruments and later started showcasing his signature sound of a wonderful ethnic journey through Indian instruments and orchestral-led melodies.

This unique form of music which is influenced by Indian ethnic vibes has created a huge buzz among the listeners as well given a different perspective for music artists to stand apart from the league giving them a special place among the crowd. This further set in motion and motivated Vaibhav Nagare to compose multiple such songs. A few of his songs that have been a fan favourite include “Desi Tadka,” “Brahmastra,” and “Senapati.” Vaibhav Nagare is now getting ready for his new exciting project “You Changed Me Babe” which is an emotional/ romantic song along with "Afterparty" a tight power bass and kick which is expected to release soon. Don’t forget to follow him at @officialnagarevaibhav

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