A pair of denim jeans is probably the most versatile outfit in your wardrobe that can be styled in a basic or avant-garde way. 

So, if you were thinking of investing in a pair or just want to make the most of the ones in your wardrobe, here are some hacks to style them right. From choosing between low-rise, mid-rise or high waist to suit your body type or the colours, chief stylist Bhavya Chawla tells you how to pick the perfect denim for you. 

Keep some room in your denim

While purchasing a pair of jeans make sure that the fabric is little stretchable as it will provide you comfort as well as good fitting. Denim infused with lycra is a good idea, especially if you are looking for a skinny fit. 

Choose the exact waist size

You may think that this one is a no-brainer that your waist size should be the same as your jeans. However, there are many who buy jeans in a smaller size thinking that it might make them look slimmer. Unfortunately, going down a size will only highlight the midsection flab. On the other hand, if the size is bigger it will make you look sloppy. So, always ensure that your waist size matches with your jeans size.

It's all about the colour wash

Colours of jeans matter a lot. Darker wash colours make you look thinner and taller. These are more appropriate to be worn in a formal setting such as your office or a dinner.

Know your rise

There are three types of rise styles: low-rise, mid-rise and high-rise. Low-rise jeans are worn two to three inches below the navel. Mid-rise is worn on the navel while high-rise jeans or high-waisted jeans are worn two inches above the navel.

If you have a flat tummy you can totally rock low rise jeans while people with love handles should steer clear of these to avoid the dreaded muffin top look. Mid-rise is a comfortable and stylish option to disguise the tummy fat. Ensure a perfect fit for the low rise jeans as it does have a tendency to ride down and expose your behind if you bend.

To pocket or not to pocket

Often ignored, but back pockets are very important if you wish to look thinner from behind. Jeans with patch pockets are recommended if you want to look slimmer. However, if you want to flaunt your assets, opt for a back pocket-less pair of jeans and wear it over a waist-trainer for a sleek look.