Today, the "Jack of all trades, master of none" has a new meaning, according to Gianni, because you must be conversant with several aspects of a business, particularly in an internet firm.

Many new entrepreneurs may feel overwhelmed by their workload, but the trick is to prioritise. Things change all the time in the world of social media and digital marketing, so keep an open mind.

For Gianni Senesi, the dream was to establish himself as an entrepreneur and businessman and for that he had a clear plan in this mind. There was no room for distraction for him in his journey as he didn’t let fear of judgement cloud his vision and kept moving forward with hard work.

An Entrepreneurial Mindset
This Italian man could see himself as a successful entrepreneur since he was a child and spent his adolescence attempting to attain that goal. He aspired to be more like an entrepreneur and businessman by pushing himself to achieve more. He kept his gaze fixed on the prize and sought the companionship of individuals who backed him up in his decisions. It's easy to be seduced by grief, but he believes that in order to make progress, you need to establish tiny goals every day. After all, the race is won by going slowly and steadily.

The Journey
Gianni Senesi adds that he was privileged enough to be surrounded by individuals that love his company ideas, care and support them. There are unfortunately innumerable individuals who don’t believe e-commerce or internet business is a legitimate career. So when you confront such negative people you think that your fate is not the same as theirs. Remember always the purpose and aspiration of your hard work.

For Gianni, the ambition was to become an entrepreneur, and he had a clear strategy in this vision. There was no space for distraction on his voyage since he had not allowed his vision to be afraid of a judgement cloud and he continued to work hard.
I choose to take influencers like Gianni as inspirational. A message on what can be achieved. It’s easy to forget what people have had to go through when we see simple snapshots of the best parts of their lives. But Gianni has worked hard to get to this point and has earned everything he has.

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