If you are rearing to celebrate the Annual Batman Day tomorrow, you may just want to all out with it. For starters, the events hosted by Comic Con India in Delhi, Bangalore, Mumbai and Hyderabad have a slew of competitions with attractive prizes to be won. While dressing up as Batman himself is a no-brainer, if you're looking to get creative, we have got your back.

While it may be easier to buy ready-made outfits, we list down last-minute hacks you can add to your dress up to play these characters:


Batman is probably one of the most cosplayed characters on the planet. To cosplay the character in a rush, all you need is a black cape that you can DIY from a black bedsheet or shawl and the Batman mask. Pair this with an all-black outfit and you are all set. 

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Dressing up as Batman’s trusted sidekick, Robin may just be the perfect choice for you if your best buddy is planning to dress as the former. A black shawl fashioned into a cape and a green tee is all you need to play Robin-in-a-hurry. Complete the look with an eye mask. 

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A popular choice for the ladies is to go as the Catwoman. A slayer look to unleash the fiery and the spicy side of you. Bonus points if you dare to pull off a skintight black bodysuit otherwise a fitted all-black top and jeans outfit with an eye mask should do. Carry a whip to add more authenticity to your outfit.

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If you feel like embracing your grey shades with a pinch of humour, get your Jester inspired Harley Quinn outfit. In a time-crunch, two ponytails and red-blue shorts and t-shirt should be your go-to outfit. You can add a baseball bat and whacky makeup as finishing touches. OR you can also take a cue from this Comic-Con attendee to channel Harley Quinn by flaunting her love for the Joker. 

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Last but not the least, the most admired villain out of all, Joker is one of the most loved characters ever. While face painting is an option, for the lazy bums you can opt for a face-mask to get the perfect look. Proud lady fans of the joker, go ahead and go crazy with the face paint. This is probably the easiest on the list. 

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