The United Nations has declared November 20 as World Children's Day. However, every nation celebrates Children's Day according to their convenience and traditions. Interestingly, more than 50 countries celebrate Children's Day on June 1. Here is a list of five nations and how Children's Day is celebrated in these countries.


Japan celebrates Children's Day on the fifth of May, every year. The event is called Kodomo No Hi. Parents and elders fly kites and install samurai statues to teach children about bravery. Kids Olympics is organised in Tokyo, where thousands of students participate to win prizes.


Mexico celebrates Children's Day as Día del Niño on April 20. Schools and parks turn into party sites. Children get to eat a variety of food and play plenty of sports as well as enjoy live music and puppet shows.


Thailand celebrates every second Saturday of January as Children's Day. On this day, parents are made aware of responsibilities towards children. In addition, children can get free rides in buses and free entry to parks, zoos, government and army offices etc. Royal Thai Air Forces make sure that children get an introduction to fighter jets and flights.


Every year April 23 is celebrated as Children's Day in Turkey. This day, children run the government as they enter the parliament and discuss issues of national importance. Children from foreign countries are presented with Turkish traditional clothes.


Earlier, Bangladesh celebrated Children's Day on March 20 in remembrance of the father of Bangladesh, Sheikh Mujibur Rahman. But post-2000, the government decided to celebrate Children's Day on November 20. On this day, children are made aware of their rights and privileges.