Beauty is beyond what it is outside. For ages, people have stereotyped beauty. Beauty is not the skin color, the body type, the long hair; it is more about how people feel from inside. No matter what color or body size an individual is, the status of inner confidence matters. Chaitali Rao's journey of womanhood as an entrepreneur is a story that can bring back the confidence in many. She has closely understood the different aspects of aesthetics and cosmetology wellness helping many gain confidence.

Chaitali Rao has a venture named Skin Vanity which largely focuses on body positivity. They have a wide range of extremely experienced cosmetologists. The center is focused on treatments including laser treatments, overall skin, body treatments, fat reduction, and body sculpting alongside fully equipped gynecological wellness. She aims to treat the body from the inside as many find it difficult to accept certain external bodily issues. With treatments being in place it boosts the inner confidence in people making them more comfortable in the body.

She had mentioned, 'As a woman, it is hard to think that you can live without possible challenges. But the truth is challenges are never-ending for us especially when you are into a serious business. I am a single mother and in a recent event, I lost my husband which led me to take care of everything on my own. Now I am just not a mother or a business individual but I am also handling all sorts of internal as well as external struggles. The question is can I afford to give up? The only possible answer is "No." So I keep my head high and find my way through all sorts of challenges."  Chaitali also adds, 'The world is full of ideas and it's your job to see which one is for you. That is when you keep pushing yourself harder than ever. You shall reach your destiny one day.'

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