Feeling tired all day and then assailed by sugar cravings in the afternoon? Or are you suffering from unexplained hair loss and dry skin? Well, if you have a stressful life, chances are that these symptoms is your metabolism crying for help. 

So, in order to feel better and prevent hypothyroidism, get started on a health regimen STAT. "Many people struggle with their metabolism due to their lifestyle thus one can ensure consuming these healthy drinks that will increase their metabolism rate," says Dr Manoj Kutteri, Wellness Director at Atmantan Wellness Centre. 

Here are his picks of 5 drinks you should start having, in case you already don't. 

Apple cider vinegar

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It is a morning elixir when had regularly with water in the morning it boosts your metabolism and aids weight loss.

Wheatgrass juice 

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This drink alkalizes your system and provides the body with vital minerals and vitamins to boost the metabolism rate. It prevents storage of fat and is a body detoxifier.

Green tea 

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It’s one of the healthiest drinks to consume and is full of antioxidants that help in increasing the rate of metabolism and aids weight loss.

Lemon water 

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This is the easiest drink to make but very effective, it not only keeps you hydrated but also aids metabolism 

Turmeric tea

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Turmeric tea suppresses the growth of fat tissue, prevents viruses and eases symptoms of depression, so the spice is worth adding to your diet.